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... Occupational Safety and Health ACT in 1970 established OSHA’s role along with their state partners, coupled with the efforts of employers, safety and health professionals, unions and advocates to dramatically effect workplace safety.

But there is still much to be done. In 2014, Construction’s “Fatal Four” claimed 874 lives. 20.5 percent of all fatalities were from this deadly group – falls, electrocution, struck by an object, and caught-in/between. It’s been estimated that eliminating the Fatal Four would save 508 lives in America every year.

That why it’s important that every company and its employees attain a culture of safety. On-the-job safety is an issue that business owners, managers, and employees cannot ignore without peril. When accidents happen, the result can mean disabled workers, costly lawsuits, lengthy downtime, dispirited employees, and the worst kind of publicity.

At CTTCI we understand your concerns, and for over 23 years we have been part of these efforts to increase workplace safety by providing quality training and consulting services from credentialed professionals with proven field experience. CTTCI provides a complete solution, which means we make things extremely easy for our customers.