Corporate Overview


Since 1993 CTTCI, has been a leader in safety and health compliance services. For over twenty years, Connecticut Training and Consulting Institute (CTTCI) have been providing "Proactive training solutions" for general industry, construction, healthcare, and public health agencies. 

As a regionally recognized leader in training and consulting services, CTTCI offers onsite training as well as classroom based services at our training center in Portland, CT. 

CTTCI instructors prepare all of our training programs, tailoring training materials to fit your organization's specific needs while offering convenient scheduling to minimize interference with productivity.

CTTCI  offers top-notch training that helps your organization get the most out of your investment.

Our classes are developed by professionals specializing in the fields of:

· Industrial

· Healthcare

· Construction Safety

· Personal/Professional Development

· Public Safety

· Emergency  Response



 (According to adult learning theory, training must be engaging for the student and include): 

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Content focused on the stated learning objectives
  • Content tailored to the students
  • Interaction between students and the training curriculum
  • Application of knowledge in real or typical scenarios

For many in the safety industry Instructor led- training fosters more group involvement, team building and team problem-solving during the learning experience. Classroom training also allows for real-time instructor-to-student interaction

Instructor-led training (ILT) are group classes offered at our Portland training facility or at your location. Each comprehensive class is led by an experienced instructor who is an expert in the technique or discipline.

Online training offers benefits in relation to cost savings, especially for large organizations or widespread employee groups where scheduling or travel can be cost prohibitive; however, online training that does not include interactions to engage students in the learning is ineffective. 

Benefits of ILT:

  • Q&A sessions with a master instructor
  • Structured, focused learning environment
  • Interactive exercises giving your employee the chance to use and apply the practice concepts
  • Professional, highly motivated and knowledgeable training specialists;
  • Quality training & consulting services from credentialed professionals with proven field experience;
  • Flexibility of a small firm with an ability to coordinate specialized services for large projects and facilities


  • Broaden your employee’s knowledge and provide topic-specific training sessions
  • Develop, review, and revise policy and procedure plans
  • Identify safety & health concerns through plan review, and facility inspection.
  • Work with your facility’s safety committee or address OSHA citations on your behalf
  • Provide 24-hour access for urgent safety needs
  • Abate safety standards and non– compliance issues
  • Decease exposure to lawsuits
  • Promote a safer work environment
  • Improves employee morale and productivity
  • Reduce Injury and illness
  • Reduce loss work days
  • Reduces and can Prevent OSHA Inspections and or/Penalties
  • Help during accident investigations
  • Help during Litigation Proceedings

On-the-job safety is an issue that business owners and managers cannot ignore without peril. When accidents happen, the result can mean disabled workers, costly lawsuits, lengthy downtime, dispirited employees and the worst kind of publicity.

Nothing is as cost effective as prevention. Simple changes around the workplace often make a significant difference. Give your workers the knowledge and safety skills they need to maintain their loyalty and a safer work environment.

The law makes it the employer's responsibility to provide a safe work environment. As the owner or manager of a work site, are you confident that you even recognize the hazards that might be present? Even if you are knowledgeable about worker safety, when was the last time you examined the latest recommendations? Standards, recommendations and practice guidelines are in constant evolution. Safety and safety polices are a static not a stagnant process.

At CTTCI, we understand your concerns. We will provide whatever costs saving alternatives are available to save you money, without jeopardizing worker safety.

Whether CTTCI is providing you topic specific training sessions, creating policies or procedures, conducting facility inspections, working with your facilities Safety Committee or addressing an OSHA citation on your behalf, CTTCI can serve you on an hourly basis or a retainer service, and can offer its services in-house within your facility for whatever length of time you need, giving you dedicated site specific service and attention.