EMS and Public Safety

CTTCI and You

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Health Services are challenging and rapidly emerging disciplines at the crossroads of traditional emergency response, public health, public safety, and health care. CTTCI offers several programs including EMS training, safety compliance, CPR/first aid, Bloodborne Pathogens & Needlestick Prevention, along with professional development, all of which are designed to prepare you to deliver quality of out-of-hospital care. 

Training Center

CTTCI facilities include over 2,500 square feet of dedicated educational space, an outdoor classroom for specialized training such as vehicle extrication, mass causality events, and hazardous material training. In addition, CTTCI operates a Mobile Training Ambulance which is utilized to simulate the out-of-hospital conditions EMTs face and to educate students on safe emergency vehicle operations.

CTTCI’s training rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art video systems and computer conferencing equipment. There is a fully functional kitchen area that gives you the freedom of bringing your own meals or CTTCI can assist in catering to allow you to focus on the training you came for.


The Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Responder courses are delivered in a variety of formats including lectures, online based learning, practical skill-based exercises, and hands-on clinical rotations allowing educational success to all learning styles styles. All students receive supplemental training in AHA Healthcare Provider CPR, Hazardous Materials Awareness, SMART Triage, and Emergency Vehicle Operations. These ancillary educational programs make CTTCI students ready for the workforce and their communities. The CTTCI EMT course prepares students for taking the National Registry exam or Connecticut written and practical skills exams for EMR certification. 

CTTCI offers the EMT & EMR Refresher Programs in the following formats:

  • Traditional Learning – This is a classroom based setting with a combination of both lecture and practical skill learning.
  • Blended Learning – This is a program in which most of the lectures are replaced with an online self-directed learning component and student only have to come to a classroom for one weekend of skill based learning and testing.
  • Refresher2U Program – We’ll bring our Mobile EMS Training Ambulance to your service or organization for either a Traditional or Blended Learning course. This is a program that can be set up as a flat fee closed course (only your service) or as a hosting site open course (public can attend).
  • New CTTCI offers an easy, alternative pathway to completing your EMT Refresher. Each month CTTCI offers a two-hour module that covers specific topics like Oxygen Delivery and Pulse Oximetry, Stroke Management, and Childbirth and Neonatal Care. After completing 36 hours of CT DPH Continuing Education credits, students can then take the practical and written test.  You can take all your Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses through CTTCI or just select a few that you can then apply to your CT DPH Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits.

State and National Standards Approved

All Connecticut Training and Consulting Institute (CTTCI) EMS courses are approved State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Programs and in concert with local sponsor hospital affiliations are based on the current National EMS Educational Standards. 

CTTCI is an authorized American Heart Association (AHA) certified training center (CTC) under the direction of Middlesex Hospital.

Professional Development

CTTCI also offers business, personal, and professional development seminars for EMS and Fire personnel. You’ll learn to handle fast-changing workplace conditions, gain effective communication skills, and be better equipped to manage stress. Click here to learn more.

Something for Everyone 

POST credit for Law Enforcement Officers is available.  

As a member of the National Association of EMS Educators, CTTCI’s programs, facility, educators, and curricula are at the highest standards of education and prepares our students to deliver superior of out-of-hospital care.

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