Permit Required Confined Space

Safe operations for confined spaces are usually technically challenging. Proper identification of confined spaces and hazards present or introduced are critical for developing safe confined space entry procedures. From these assessments the development of the written confined space entry procedures and the policy to manage the program are possible.permit required confined space

Training for confined space entry personnel, non-entry rescue, and confined space entry rescue teams are available.

Let us not overlook the hazards of blue sky, enclosed, or poorly ventilated spaces. These may be outside the PRCS Standard while still presenting a hazard to your employees. Thinking outside the confined space box is critical when identifying potential hazards.

OSHA’s 1926 Subpart AA brings some important changes for the Construction Industry and operations when working in or near Confined Space projects.

A multitude of regulations run through the Confined Space Standard including, Control of Hazardous Engergy (Lockout/Tagout), Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Welding,Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS), and others.

The ability to convert/reclassify Permit Required Confined Space to non-permit spaces is often overlooked. A reclassification may result in reducing expenses and improve a safer work environment.

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