Emergency Vehicle Operator Course – EVOC

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The Emergency Vehicle Driver Training course provides emergency vehicle operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate an emergency vehicle in emergency and non-emergency mode. This course includes the necessary classroom, competency course training, and written test for new and/or existing vehicle drivers. CTTCI’s EVOC course verifies a driver’s proficiency in both the knowledge and understanding of, as well as the practical application to emergency vehicle driving.

It is CTTC’s philosophy that emergency vehicle training must be more than an individual just getting someone’s blessing by virtue of the fact that he/she has been driving passenger vehicles or commercial trucks for a number of years. There must be an identified method for measuring proficiency. Only after a comprehensive emergency driver training program comprised of classroom instruction, competency course completion, street and highway driving (at least 8-10 hours), and a written test, should and individual be permitted to drive under emergency conditions.

Intended Audience: First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters who will operate emergency vehicles.

Group training: CTTCI does provide on-site EVOC classes for groups who wish to conduct this course at their location. To inquire, please call (860) 342-4382.

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