Safety & OSHA Compliance

safety manager at deskCTTCI provides a complete solution, which means we make things extremely easy for our customers.  Whether it’s training, plan development, OSHA compliance assessments, or helping our clients manage a monthly safety committee, CTTCI employs experienced and technically proficient individuals who can help a company safely achieve efficient and profitable productivity.

CTTCI’s professional consultants are up to date with your OSHA requirements. This knowledge alone is not adequate. Our knowledge also extends into other Codes and Standards that affect your operations. One must also consider best practice, industry practice, and local practice to employ risk reduction strategies that protect your people, our environment, and your investments.

As an outside set of eyes and ears, we bring a fresh look at your issues. Our years of real workplace applications results in effective and realistic controls.smiling construction people

Our goal of educating selected staff in our processes, allows for improved program management once CTTCI is not in-house. CTTCI staff pride themselves in taking complex issues and presenting them in understandable and applicable methods.

Have an OSHA complaint or citation? Let us assist you in representation and resolution of these issues. Better yet-have CTTCI evaluate and correct any issues before they become an OSHA citation.

Services Available:

  • Indoor air quality evaluations
  • Noise surveys and monitoring
  • Workplace Safety Committee development and training
  • Contractor safety programs
  • Orientation programs
  • Emergency drill planning, implementation, and evaluations
  • Long and short term on-site services
  • Specific project management
  • Workplace safety program development
  • Workplace inspections and evaluations
  • Employee health evaluations

Give us a call , register for a course or contact us and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.