First Aid, CPR, AED, BBP, ABP, Needlestick Prevention

Did you notice our service to EMS and Public Safety section? As a training center for the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council, we not only provide professional rescuers with training, but CTTCI also provides the general public with the skills and knowledge to respond to medical events.

Don’t recognize the Needlestick Prevention Act? You should if you have a BBP program. The BBP and ABP (Bloodborne Pathogen and Airborne Pathogen) training is required with exposure risk. CTTCI will

  • analyze your risk,
  • develop the required management programs,
  • train your employees (an annual requirement),
  • select the correct PPE, and
  • perform the required annual review of your program.

As the price for AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) declines, their availability is more common. Some types of facilities and services are required to have an AED in their building. CTTCI will

  • train personnel
  • develop a maintenance and inspection program, and
  • set up the required documentation.

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