About Us


For over twenty five years, Connecticut Training and Consulting Institute (CTTCI) has been providing “Proactive training solutions” for corporations, healthcare organizations, and public safety services. Click here for Corporate Overview.

What We Do

As a regionally recognized leader in training and consulting services, CTTCI is a full-service OSHA and occupational safety and health training, management, and consulting center with a hands-on approach to safety in the workplace.

CTTCI specializes in written safety programs – emergency action plans – HazMat / RCRA / DOT training – OSHA compliance audits – general industry and construction standards – EMS training – leadership enrichment – personal improvement – professional improvement – corporate SWOT analysis – lean process improvement and much more.

We offer onsite training as well as classroom-based services at our 2,500 sq. ft. training center in Portland, CT.

Our instructors prepare all of our training programs, tailoring training materials to fit your organization’s specific needs while offering convenient scheduling to minimize interference with productivity.


Robert Ziegler knows first-hand about the dangers of on-the-job injuries; he also has a knack for finding positive solutions to potentially devastating problems.

When a back injury suffered at work curtailed Ziegler’s career as a firefighter and paramedic, he applied his years of experience in public safety toward helping others achieve safe conditions in their workplaces.

First founded as New England Training and Consulting (NETC) in 1993, the company came to life as Ziegler began work out of his basement. Three years later Ziegler and his staff of four safety specialists occupied a small suite of offices on Main Street in Portland, CT. NETC helped companies trouble-shoot problems onsite and also offered fire and disaster training along with workshops and seminars on such issues as handling of hazardous materials, waste management, and infection control.

Fast forward a decade and the company name is now Connecticut Training and Consulting Institute (CTTCI) and is housed in a state-of-the-art training facility in Portland. The Center includes over 2,500 square feet of dedicated educational space, an outdoor classroom for specialized training such as vehicle extrication, mass causality events, and hazardous material training. In addition CTTCI operates a mobile training ambulance which is utilized to simulate the out-of-hospital conditions EMTs face and to educate students on safe emergency vehicle operations.

CTTCI’s training rooms are equipped with video and computer conferencing equipment. There is a fully functional kitchen area that gives clients the freedom of bringing their own meals or CTTCI can assist in catering client’s events.

In addition to being a leader in safety and health compliance services, CTTCI’s course offerings also includes its line of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) courses (CPR, EMR, EMT, EMS Instructor, etc.). And their latest addition is in professional development. This series includes business, personal, and professional development seminars where participants learn to handle fast-changing workplace conditions, gain effective communication skills, and become better equipped to manage stress.  

CTTCI’s Management Team

Robert M. Ziegler  For the last 25 years as the principal owner of CT Training & Consulting Institute. Mr. Ziegler has over 40 years of active EMS as well as 27 years of fire service experience in addition to administrative, supervisory and management experience on regional, county and statewide levels.  Mr. Ziegler has focused on OSHA compliance training and consulting services assuring its clients and their employees comply with all state, federal and local laws and regulations.

Mr. Ziegler is currently certified as a state EMS instructor, state certified Fire Service Instructor 1, Safety Officer and Fire Officer 1 as well as an OSHA Certified Instructor and HazMat Instructor. He is NIMS 100, 200, 300, 346, 400, 700 and 800 Certified.

He is a former member of CT Regional Emergency Planning Committee (CREPC) and was on ESF 5 as a duty officer as well as on the ESF 8 Strike Team Committee.

Mr. Ziegler was also the County Fire Coordinator for Middlesex County for the state’s Fire/Rescue Disaster Response Team for 2 years.

He is also a member of NFPA, CT Safety Society and former president of the CT & Western Mass Council of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

In addition Mr. Ziegler is an Emergency Medical Services Expert Witness.  Specialty Focus: Emergency Medical Services, EMT/Paramedic Standard of Care, EMT/Paramedic Misconduct, Ambulance Driving/Operations, Patient Transportation, Patient Care Documentation, Electronic Patient Care Record, Medical Consent, EMT/Paramedic Training & Education, CPR/AED, and Patient Lifting/Carrying. Learn more

David Lundquist – Director of Training for CT Training & Consulting Institute Dave has over 25 years’ experience in both healthcare and general industry regulatory fields. As an educator and a registered nurse, Dave has developed and presented many educational and compliance programs for OSHA and has had responsibilities for assuring emergency preparedness and response plans were developed and implemented in many large firm settings. Dave is an authorized OSHA compliance outreach trainer for both general industry and the construction industry, and has lectured at the Hartford Graduate Center.

Nick Wallick – Lean Analyst and Instructor for CTTCI, Nick started his career in the polymer floor installation business in 1980, performing specialized installations in New England, New York, and New Jersey. After years of traveling in many states, Nick accepted a sales position in 1987 at Dur-a-flex, Inc., a polymer flooring company in East Hartford, CT.

In 1989 Nick was promoted to Vice President of Dur-a-flex, Inc., responsible for plant operations, property management, and environmental, health and safety. As the company grew from 1m dollars in sales to 36m dollars in sales over the next twenty years, Nick managed the plant operation in 162,000 square feet over 19 acres of property, and served on a team to begin a Lean Manufacturing journey that was a company-wide initiative.

An internal university system was then established to support the learning objectives, Nick trained all instructors presenting for Dur-a-flex University, helped to develop curriculum of various topics, and presented many self-improvement sessions, technical sessions, and Lean strategies.

Since his retirement Nick Wallick has been serving the Town of Hebron in the Fire Department since 1999, currently as the Fire Chief, in charge of medical emergency response, fire, and Hazmat response; he holds numerous training certifications, including Fire Instructor I. He teaches regularly as a Hazmat/WMD 472 Instructor and has a certification in Lean Manufacturing as a Continuous Improvement Certification Champion, and Project Management.

CTTCI’s EMS Instructors

Sean Brierley – EMS Instructor for CTTCI, Sean has over 27 years of experience and leadership in volunteer fire and ambulance service. Formerly, Deputy Chief in Coventry, CT, Sean is an Emergency Medical Services Instructor and Fire Officer 1. Along with day-to-day management duties in the fire department, Sean regularly rides and provides patient care in department ambulances. In addition to his fire and EMS experience, Sean has been teaching for 10 years as an adjunct professor of English at Southern Connecticut State University.

Bob Ziegler – EMS Instructor for CTTCI, Bob has over 40 years of active EMS as well as Fire Service experience in addition to administrative, supervisory and management experience on Regional, County and Statewide levels.  Mr. Ziegler has been a certified as an EMS Instructor for 31 years and a Licensed Paramedic for 30 years, both within the State of CT.  Mr. Ziegler is also a certified EVOC Instructor, State Certified Fire Service Instructor 1, Safety Officer and Fire Officer 1, is an American Heart Assoc. CPR Instructor Trainer and Regional Faculty as well as an OSHA Certified Instructor.

Mark GreczkowskiEMS Instructor for CTTCI, his career spans over 30 years of patient care in Emergency Medicine and Fire. Mark has held positions ranging from community volunteer to career Paramedic Firefighter, and commercial ambulance Senior Manager and Preceptor Paramedic.  He is a State of Connecticut Emergency Medical Instructor, as well as the American Heart Association, NAEMT, and maintains a variety of additional state and federally recognized certifications related to both emergency medicine and fire instruction.